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About Us

I have always enjoyed figuring out how to fix things and I grew up around a multitude of opportunities, to do just that.  As I got older I began to realize I also found joy in helping others, I love seeing a smile on everyone's face! Giving back is the best feeling in the world!  In 2008 I was able to see the most amazing smile as I set off to marry my beautiful wife. In the years to follow God gave us three amazing children! In 2014 I began to do handyman services as a hobby next to my 9-5 job that paid the bills. Slowly, I realized that I didn't want to live simply by building someone else's empire while my family was living "just over broke" and I began to dream bigger. Instead of using all our energy to tread water, what if, we could abundantly serve others the way God intended us to?  This is what Workman Company is founded on. Now we have a team of the most amazing people by our side, helping us make this dream a reality.

Aaron Workman, Owner

(520) 591-9567

Aaron & Brianna Workman
Workman Family
Thomas Pratt
Brenda Earl
Brianna Lichter
Sean Griffus
Team Workman
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